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Breaking the cycle of limited engagement and performance

Every year we see over $500B in lost productivity due to one main issue – which is connected to people and how we interact and lead. Gallup’s annual survey on engagement at the workplace has identified employee engagement continuously around 30%, which means about 70% of today’s US workforce is either passively or actively disengaged […]

5 Coaching tips for leaders & free E-Book

With increased competition for resources, labor and market share, organizations are racing to find, develop and retain the best. Leading companies know that winning takes smart, dedicated people who are willing and able to work hard and work smart. The good news is, you don’t have to rely on superhuman talent. In fact, every organization […]

InterKon now Licensed Partner for Integrity Solutions® programs

We are proud to annouce our new alliance with Integrity Solutions® to offer their unique programs. Our focus will be to support companies in rolling out a coaching leadership culture that builds people and reliefs leaders from managing problems and underperforming team members. Integrity Coaching® is an 8-week team training/coaching program tailored to leaders of […]

Key for Change – Internal Drivers

“People will do something – including changing their behavior – only if it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interest as defined by their own values” – Marshall Goldsmith To realize sustainable change and change in behavior, it is necessary to not only identify the external goal one wants to […]

The Cost of Turnover – The Value of Engagement

Minimizing turnover is significantly more cost effective than churning through new hires. In a knowledge-based economy, corporations and products are increasingly specialized, so retaining experience and brain pool does count heavily. When looking at the cost of turnover one should look at the total cost model. Direct costs and opportunity costs are to be factored […]

Performance and Engagement

Over 70 % of the American workforce that goes to work every day is not engaged in their role, according to large scale annual studies (Gallup). Therefore businesses essentially operate at less than 30% of their capacity because team members are not contributing to their full potential. The lost opportunity is immense — but so […]

Leadership – The Key Differentiator in Talent Acquisition/Engagement

Anyone who is looking for team members that put the needs of a corporation and it’s customers before their own, should put their team members first. Top-down management methods have shown to be increasingly less effective as we now live and work in a knowledge-based economy. Leadership science has shown that democratic-style leaders are better […]