InterKon now Licensed Partner for Integrity Solutions® programs

We are proud to annouce our new alliance with Integrity Solutions® to offer their unique programs.

Our focus will be to support companies in rolling out a coaching leadership culture that builds people and reliefs leaders from managing problems and underperforming team members. Integrity Coaching® is an 8-week team training/coaching program tailored to leaders of all levels who want to broaden their coaching skills for a significant improvement of overall performance, employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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Key for Change – Internal Drivers

“People will do something – including changing their behavior – only if it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interest as defined by their own values”
Marshall Goldsmith

To realize sustainable change and change in behavior, it is necessary to not only identify the external goal one wants to achieve, but also connect this goal with the true inner motivation. When discovering the inner motivation for pursuing a particular goal, one can better connect purpose and passion.

Purpose and passion are critical because they uncover the emotion which drives forward action. Emotions can trigger action.

By connecting a challenging goal to passion and motivation, a coach allows a client to tap into a new source of energy.

Uncovering the inner motivators and emotional triggers will support goal achievement as now one can change items from a “To Do List” to a “Wanto Do List”.

(curated from Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach)