People Enablement

We help companies develop leaders and teams to increase achievement drive and agility. Together we provide people centric solutions to form alignment and to enable individuals as well as teams to move organizations forward.

A Shift

In the early 20th century Frederick Taylor defined “The Principles of Scientific Management” which laid the groundwork for a top-down command-and-control mindset that enabled industrial mass production. It was based on the principle of separation between planning and doing.

As we observe a clear shift from an industrial society to a knowledge society, old paradigms are no longer useful or even disabling. Tasks and jobs have become increasingly complex and connected, in an ever changing digital world, creativity, innovation and quick decision making are now the critical factor to success.

What does this mean for Management? Organizations realize they need to become less centralized and hierarchical but more agile with delegated responsibility. To accomplish this, a talent focused culture of trust and engagement is needed.