Gustav Mueller

Gustav Mueller serves as Managing Partner at InterKon. Prior to this position he worked as a management consultant with a big4 firm and has later held various leadership roles with German and American companies. His assignments over the past 24 years included several North American operation start- ups, successful US product launches and the management of US subsidiaries for German companies in the automotive and machinery segment. Having lived and worked in Europe and the United States and having worked with numerous multinational managers over the years has provided him with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges multinational companies face. He specializes in business consulting and people centric transformation project work. Mr. Mueller holds a combined engineering and business degree from the University of Applied Science, Munich, Germany. He is a trained Co-Active® Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a certified IntegrityCoaching® facilitator and member of the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC South).

Stefan Ulrich

Stefan Ulrich is Managing Director of our German partner firm. Over the last 20+ years Mr. Ulrich has developed a deep expertise in implementation-oriented consulting for companies in the areas of efficiency improvement and restructuring. He has successfully advised customers in more than 50 different projects across industries. In 2008, Mr. Ulrich moved to the operational management and supervisory board arena and has since successfully re-aligned and restructured prevalent companies in the German market. He most recently served as CEO and CFO of a $1B European services group. Mr.  Ulrich still serves on the board of several companies and is actively involved in turnaround/ improvement projects. He holds a Masters degree in business administration from the University of Augsburg, Germany.

Christina Rebel-Otterbach

Christina Rebel-Otterbach is an accomplished executive with 25 plus years’ experience in financial management, as well as organizational and strategy consulting. Through her years working in large corporate structures like Honeywell, Christina has a strong understanding of global organizations and various markets including North America, Europe. Christina’s professional expertise includes Change Management, Financial- and Organizational Leadership and Transformation. Currently Christina is also at the helm of an Atlanta based consulting firm, CRO Management Consulting LLC. She has worked with numerous organizations ranging from small- to midsize companies providing consulting services to various industries incl. consumer goods, real estate, staffing, automotive, pharmaceutical and alternative energy.

Christina graduated in Germany with an MBA focused on finance, accounting and information technology. She has lived in Germany, Austria and the United States. She is member of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), the CFO Leadership Council and the German American Chamber of Commerce. She holds the CEPA designation – certified exit planning advisor.

Anke Jahn

Anke Jahn LCC, BCC, is an executive coach. Over the last 15 years she has applied her specialized knowledge in Cross-Cultural and Leadership Coaching for global executives and teams. She also coaches and supports Expats for international assignments to the US and Germany and is President of Atlanta based Mind Your Culture LLC. Fascinated by different mindsets, mentalities and human behavior, she experienced firsthand the growing pains of adjusting to a different way of life. As a teenager, Anke dreamt of living a life of freedom and independence, which gave her the courage to escape East Germany and eventually settle in the US. She has learned that we cannot choose the cards we have been dealt in life, but we have to have the courage to play them to the best of our ability. Anke graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and later became board certified as a Professional Coach.

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker MA, CPC is an executive coach working with both individuals and companies. Through coaching he has been able to assist professionals and teams navigate through difficult changes and improve company culture, increase job satisfaction, increase job performance and reach goals faster. With a Masters Degree in Agency Counseling and Bachelors Degrees in Sociology, he has been counseling and coaching clients for over 20 years. Johnny is also President of IntegrityATL, a partnership with Integrity Solutions which has been offering companies increased performance opportunities through programs like Integrity Coaching and Integrity Service for over 40 years.